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Marshall County

Crops and Livestock

While farming is admirable as a way of life, it is also a business. Therefore, our research-based programs promote:

  • effective production practices;
  • competitive pricing;
  • business management skills;
  • environmentally sound production practices;
  • alternative agriculture businesses;
  • youth education about food and fiber sources;
  • successful living on a few acres.

More information on crops and livestock at the K-State Research and Extension site.

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Soil Testing

Development of sound nutrient management programs involves knowledge of a wide range of information. Soil test records are an important piece of required information, but other factors such as soil moisture conditions, land ownership/tenure, crop and cropping sequence, pest management, cultural practices, environmental issues, and other management items are vital for developing sound nutrient management programs.

Soil Test Interpretations and Fertilizer Recommendations

Private Certified Pesticide Applicators

Private certification may be obtained by passing an open book examination at the Marshall County Extension Office. Contact the office in advance to ensure the office will be open and allow 2-3 hours to complete the examination. We will collect the $25 fee and mail the completed examination to KDA for grading and issuing the certification card. Private applicator certification expires on the individual's birthday in the 5th calendar year after it is issued.

We have some have manuals available that are available to check out to producers.

Resources Available