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Marshall County

Pioneer Trails 4-H Camp

Marshall County 4-H'ers will have the opportunity to be campers at the Pioneer Trails 4-H Camp to be held from June 4 to June 7, 2020. Pioneer Trails 4-H Camp consists of campers from Atchinson, Brown, Coffey, Doniphan, Marshall and the River Valley (Clay, Cloud, Republican, & Washington) and Meadowlark (Nemaha, Jackson, & Jefferson) Extension Districts.  

Campers will have a good time and get to meet campers from other counties.

Also, we are looking for camp counselors, who are 16 years old or older. Camp counselors are in charge of eight or nine campers during camp. Counselors will leave for camp for training on June 3.

For more information contact the Marshall County Extension Office.

Pioneer Trails "Camp Bank"

Due to camp being all inclusive for activities there will be no "Camp Bank" this year.  

Parents are still able to send money with their child(ren) to use at the snack bar and for souvenirs. 

 2018 Pioneer Trails Camp Closing Ceremony

Prior Closing Ceremonies


What you need:

Counselor Application

* All counselors need to fill out an application.

Camper Registration Form

* All campers need to fill out an application.

Medication Policy

* All campers and counselors need to fill out the medication form.

Medication Form

* Only fill out if taking Rx/OTC medication during camp.  Please place in ziploc bag with medication.

Food & Dietary Allergy Request

*Only if camper/counselor has a food allergy.

Participation Form

*Non-4Hers will need to fill this out.